OM Balance Meditation

Using this meditation course you can open and balance your energy centers - chakras and live healthy and joyful life.

Course Summary

You learn to use OM sound - mantra to open, clean and balance your energy centers - chakras. This way it’s easy to live healthy balanced creative life and enjoy it.

Course Curriculum

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  • OM Balance Meditation
  • 14.97

    This meditation teaches you open and balance you chakras

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 "I am Aarti Kadam from India. Junnu Sir has true faith in God and his devotion is truly pure. When ever I had any issue or problem I would tell Sir to pray for me and could feel the positivity of my issues getting solved and everything becoming alright. There is lot of positivity in his words." 

Aarti Kadam

Junnu Huhtinen

Meditation and Spiritual Growth Coach, Energy Healer.

I Grow as one Light - Gum Amma with large God Family to help this world to combine spirituality with money & love & matter.

I have over 25 years experience from meditation techniques.

I teach what I practice and the tools are practical to everyone’s use.